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Best Hotels in Bohinj, Slovenia

2nd Jul '18

Read more about Hotel Bohinj: The best hotels in Bohinj. In this publication, you can find a presentation of the hotel, which offers the greatest benefit to those who intend to spend sports in Bohinj. active.


Hotel Bohinj Gašperin is considered to be the best hotel in Bohinj. In addition, the offer is also best adapted for hikers in others who intend to spend their time in Bohinj actively.

The hotel is located near Lake Bohinj, on Ribcev Laz and is only a few minutes away from the lake. Rooms offer views of the surrounding hills.

From hikers to hikers
The first advantage is that the owners and staff of the Bohinj Gašperin hotel are well-acquainted with the Bohinj mountains. They mostly go to the mountains themselves, so you will not be referred to tourist information on specific issues. They are well aware of the paths in specific surrounding peaks so you will also be able to advise on length and complexity.

Hotel Bohinj for active
Since the Bohinj Hotel Gašperin is mostly occupied by active holidaymakers, they often find special benefits in their offer. In winter, the offer is custom-made for snowboarders, and in the course of the year, there is an occasional bicycle package and a packet for fishermen, and this time also a package for hikers. If you miss the idea, you can also see the activities on the website of Hotel Gašperin Bohinj.

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A special offer for hikers is available at Hotel Gašperin until October 31st. It includes practically everything that the hotel can offer, free saunas for up to 4 people, reduced prices of swimming pools in Aquapark, free tea in the coffee and more enjoyable dinners in the nearby restaurant.

Everything for hikers
There is also a hairdryer in the jacket and a large storage room. In the hotel, you should also prepare a snack for a tour and adjust the time for the breakfast, because if it goes to the higher mountains, it can not wait until 6 am.