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The Backcountry Lines In Slovenia | Untouched Project, Ep. 1

26th Feb '15

Slovenski projekt, ki povezuje smučanje in snowboard izven urejenih smučišč … Izvrstna promocija slovenskega aktivnega turizma.

“Untouched is a Slovenian film project, connecting skiing and snowboarding in the backcountry, with the love of nature and exploration of untouched mountainsides in winter. In the first webisode the crew presents their home country and show you the deep roots of her current winter sports scene. Slovenians have always been drawn to mountaineering and were probably some of the world’s first skiers, with a skiing lineage that can be traced back to the 17th century on the Bloke plateau. New generations of skiers and snowboarders have connected by the Untouched project to keep their traditions alive with a modern, progressive approach to riding the backcountry. For more info check untouchedproject.com You’ll Never Believe The Backcountry Lines In Slovenia | Untouched Project, Ep. 1”

Vir: epictv.com